The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 2

mmm-108-45077-1-fnl-rgb-1544036704Mrs. Maisel Returns! Season 2 of Mrs. Maisel was just as good and possibly better than season 1. In this season, Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel has embraced her comedic stylings and continues to navigate the bumpy road that is daytime mom vs. nighttime lounge lizard. Rachel Brosnahan once again turns in one of the finest acting performances I have ever seen in any media. Her delivery, her timing, her full and complete embodiment of the role is astonishing. Astonishing to the point that it is hard to believe that she is merely acting the part and is not simply the character she plays. Also returning is the Maisel/Weissman family played by the wonderful cast of Tony Shalhoub (Abe Weissman), Kevin Pollak (Moishe Maisel), Marin Hinkle (Rose Weissman), Caroline Aaron (Shirley Maisel), and Michael Zegen (Joel Maisel).

The family gets more of a front seat appearance this season in that some of the episodes not only feature more of them but centers around them. What was most fascinating was that the storylines not only show how they react to and are affected by Midge’s decisions but also what makes them tick within their own lives – Mrs. Wasserman’s yearnings to find herself, Mr. Wasserman’s career and its turbulent nature, the senior Mr. and Mrs. Maisel’s struggling garment business. The further development of these characters only makes for a more full and rich tapestry of the Mrs. Maisel story.

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