TV Review: Hunters

“Hunters,” starring Al Pacino on Amazon Prime is good.

Now that we got that over with let’s talk. Hunters is a tough, complicated, depressing, uplifting, challenging show.

A small group of Holocaust survivors joined by a righteous group of rebels search to find nazis living in America and take their revenge by drilling (sometimes literally) information out of them to find where other nazis are hiding.

Not only do we find out that there are nazis living in America but these nazis are attempting to form a fourth reich and comeback from the oblivion that became the third reich.

Through stories told by the survivors of the group and flashbacks we are thrown into gut wrenching scenes of the Holocaust. They are, obviously, just terrible to watch and due to how well this show is done, it is done with intense realism.

The series has a Tarantino-like flare peppered throughout and those sort of sidebars are a bit jarring. Not because they are bad. In fact they are pretty entertaining but they really didn’t fit and actually were very much unneeded. They didn’t add anything and I would argue they sometimes took away from an otherwise fantastic show.

Al Pacino, Carol Kane, Dylan Baker, and Saul Rubinstein lead a top notch cast who swing for the fences with their performances. I was a bit trepidatious when I saw Pacino was leading the posse as, even though he was one of my favorite actors of all time, he can be wildly over the top. However, just like his performance this past year in, “The Irishman,” he was incredibly focused and stayed within the confines of the character and didn’t “Pacino” it up.

Hunters is another win for Amazon Prime just like “Fleabag” and “Jack Ryan, one that you will be sure to enjoy and think about for some time to come.


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